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James Madison University, a well-known public university in my hometown of Harrisonburg, is handling the ‘worst case of sexual assault’ in their history by allowing the perpetrators to graduate and banning them afterward.

Meanwhile, the student who was assaulted lost her financial aid when her grades slipped while trying to deal with bringing her rapists to justice and had to leave school.

The links in question:


So even when there is absolute definitive proof on tape of an assault, the victim is paying the biggest price and the perpetrators are allowed to stay at school.

This is not right.

so its clear, the perpetrators are facing:

banned from campus after graduation (cannot go to commencement or tailgate in subsequent years (if the police recognize 4 white dudes))

banned from student organizations

that is it

"oh no
i cant go to commencement”

This sends the worst sort of message to the student body as well as the victim. “We’re only taking this seriously enough so as not to harm your reputations or careers in any way” . The problem being, these sort of moral lapses are supposed to have consequences- at least for people who aren’t the victims. 

I’m really quite tired of seeing universities intentionally fail the victims and enable the perpetrators. 

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We’ll never disappear. I’ve seen that road before.

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This is the sound Jupiter emits via electromagnetic waves. It’s so incredibly cool (10:00)

it sounds so sad and lonely

It’s beautiful


holy fuck

So cool omg

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With a cat, you’re never alone.

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a self portrait

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Heres a little doodle of a very contemplative business octopus. He is thinking so super hard, you might just need to say “hey now, calm down there, friend”.

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" We’re not the same person we were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. We’re constantly changing. Experiences don’t stop. That’s life. "
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